“I must’ve been cooking some dope or some shit that week, because the nigga started hitting the piñata, and it wasn’t shit but dope falling out the piñata. I was just like, “Damn, man.” They was just kids playing in the dope. They was just playin’ in the dope. It was little four-year-old kids hitting dope in piñatas.”

This artwork depicts a dream Gibbs had that birthed the project title. A broken piñata is seen from above, a birthday hat and bat along side as little bare footprints head away from the broken cocaine bricks. The effects of what we sometimes do to survive ripples outward, felt by those we would rather protect than harm.

This artwork also now appears on the Madlib Medicine Show 24 release “Pinata Beats”.

“I tell people every time it sounds like a Blaxploitation movie, like Black Caesar or something; that’s the kind of vibe I get,” [Freddie Gibbs] remarks toward the end of the listening session.”

Laced with samples from various Blaxploitation films of yesteryear, Piñata is a crime saga deserving a print worthy of it’s imagery.  Based on the artwork of ‘Super Fly’, ‘Black Caesar’ and ‘Cotton Comes to Harlem’, the alternate artwork finds Freddie Gibbs smack dab in the middle of a war over territory, respect and a piñata filled with cocaine.

This artwork also now appears on page 2 of the inside jacket of the Madlib Medicine Show 24 release “Pinata Beats”.


SKILL: Photoshop, Illustrator