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It’s a motherfucking Christmas miracle! A couple of dorks who look like they just blew someone’s head off are back with another classic… and what a fitting soundtrack to the apocalypse it is. I’m been sitting on the idea of Mike and El as the new Jules and Vincent since the last album but I didn’t really commit to it until I saw the gold RTJ3 artwork. It’s pretty well worn territory, yes I know. I get it. I do hope however that the casual attire reference over the usual suits and burger bits are to your liking.

I’m still in love with the warm orange tones, I can’t help myself. I’d tell you what they call that in France but I don’t think there’s a word for it.

What’s next for RTJ? Avengers? Hulk and Thor? Who knows?

What I do know…the contents of Marsellus Wallace’s suitcase remains a mystery no longer; it’s one half of the best tag team ever.

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