Run The Jewels 2

“…I Jake the Snake ’em, DDT ’em in mausoleums.”

Inspired by the line uttered by Killer Mike on the single Blockbuster Night Pt. 1, this piece finds Jake the Snake using his patented DDT to wreak havoc on Brooklyn for Run The Jewels 2. The concept itself was derived from an episode from the television programme “Lucas Bros’ Moving Company’ entitled ‘DDT’ in which Jake the Snake is hired by the protagonists to move an oak wood bed. For the privilege of the gig he faces Repo Man, hitting him with his trademark finishing move, the DDT, releasing a cloud of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane that overtakes the city.

Here he looms over the poisoned city block with authority, the chain featured on the previous Run The Jewels cover art and the head of Skeletor fresh from the mausoleum from which he draws excess power.