Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors

We can’t stop here….this is bat country!

I’ve always wanted to do a proper nod to ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’  and in hearing the title and the album itself I felt it would be best expressed as a car ride through some treacherous terrain. As I drew the hills and decided on a colour palette the source material seemed obvious, but where to go with it? Ralph Steadman’s work is so rough and jarring in that his imagery and composition is messy and pulls no punches. I wanted something brighter that is executed less often with callbacks to this book/film and using sharp edges and flat shapes a complete divorce from anything I had done up until this point.

In this scene, Big Boi plays HST driving by himself as the wind takes his hat, the bats ever looming behind doubling as a representation of the ‘vicious lies’ that follow a person. Behind Big Boi, Andre 3k has taken a backseat, literally and is while still a part of the duo, in his own world as his fellow OutKast member defends him from all that shall encounter on the car ride through Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours.

Portfolio Details

  • Client: Big Boi
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  • Skill: Photoshop