Blank Face LP


A short film is played but the scenes all crash at once, projected onto the silhouette of a blank faced assailant. He can’t be identified, the film cell stutters, the page turns white. Blank Face.

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We might die for tHis sHit. This one went through a couple different phases as a worked what it was going to be. Originally I was using warmer tones similar to the last two pieces I did last summer and I ended up getting side tracked. I found myself re-listening to the project and the short film this year and it seemed like far more somber shades were needed.

The scenes all crash at once projected onto the silhouette while the blank faced assailant can’t be shown as the film cell stutters.

Blank Face.

Mounted prints are mounted to foam core. Foam core is 3/16” tick & acid free. All papers & ink are archival.

Edition of 32.

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